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Photos from the awarding and the projects evaluation

View of the hall and the official guests.

Another view of the hall and the guests.

The awards and the statuettes which the winners will recieve.

Dr. Rosen Petkov, the president of the organizing committee of "Computer Space", welcomes the guests and the participants.

Andrei Budjulov, adviser of Georgi Parvanov, the president of Republic of Bulgaria, reads welcoming letter from the president.

Dimitar Cvetkov, reads welcoming letter from the dep. min. of Science and Education Vanq Dobreva.

Georgi Krumov, "The Net", is awarding Nadejda Shineva in category "Web design - Information and Media".

Ivan Tokadjiev, dep. min. of Culture, is awarding Yanko Cvetkov in category "Web Design - Arts and Culture".

Andrei Budjulov is awarding Eva Toneva in category "Web Design - Society and Institutions".

Plamen Vachkov, director of SAITC, is awarding Johanes Artinqn in category "Web Design - Technology and Market".

Ivan Modev, adviser in State Agency for Youth and Sport, is awarding Ladger eBusiness Solutions in category "Web Design - Entartainment and Hobby".

Dimitar Cvetkov is awarding Aleksander Pavlov Nachev in category "Offline Multimedia".

Svetoslav Spasov, president of the Commission for the Children, Youth and Sport in the Parliament, is awarding "Platige Image", Poland, in category "Computer Animation".

Jordaan Braam, RSA, second place in category "Computer Graphics".

Dr. Rosen Petkov is awarding Svetlin Velinov in category "Computer Graphics".

Doni from "Popcorn" is awarding Vladimir Dimitrov in category "Electronic and Computer Music".

Teodor Milev, manag. director of "Microsoft Bulgaria", is awarding "Ladger eBusiness Solutions" for project realized with products of "Microsoft".

Aleksander Vitanov, exec. director of "Information Services", will give two scholarships for best stident's project.

Ivan Modev, reads welcoming letter form Vesela Lecheva, president of SAYS.

Projects evaluation.