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Photos from the seminars

Dr. Rosen Petkov presents Plamen Hristov - DPE manager of "Microsoft Bulgaria".

Plamen Hristov holds lecture titled "My first web site with ASP.NET 2.0".

Vladimir Chalkov, director of "Crossroad LTD", presents "Working with data in ASP.NET 2.0".

Vladimir Chalkov - "Professional user interface with Master Pages, Themes and Site Navigation".

Guests of the seminars held in Hungarian Cultural Institute.

Dr. Rosen Petkov welcomes the guests at the seminar held in New Bulgarian University.

Ivan Ivanov, "Cybermark" and co-founder of Dir.bg, talks about "Present and development of the internet space in Bulgaria".

View of the hall were the seminar was held.

Plamen Hristov presents "Seting up a web page using ASP.NET 2.0".

Nikolay Mihailov, animator and co-founder of 3Dbg.com, "Challanges to the Contemporary Animation".

Introducing "Computer Space" at National Youth Convention "Keep the Bulgarian Spirit, Be Bulgarian!".

Georgi Parvanov and dr. Rosen Petkov.